I'm 17,Chinese.klaine and crisscolfer are my top OTPs,DC&CC lover,Emma Watson is my goddess!I love glee,harry potter,lea michele and Chloe Moretz!!!!!!♥♥♥♥☀
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Hi,i am a Chinese klainer.I have seen that there's a article says that Dave Karofsky will be Blaine's boyfriend in season 6????……Please tell me the s*** ain't real……………………


Good morning, friend!  I wouldn’t believe all of the hype you’re seeing.  Glee is ending and the hiatus is very, very long so they’re seeking out attention.  Max Adler will be back, that much is true.  The rest, total crap.  Unless of course they’re turning Glee into a bizarre, unbelievable comedy and want to be cancelled before it’s swan song?  I seriously wouldn’t worry about it.

couldn’t agree more.