I'm 17,Chinese.klaine and crisscolfer are my top OTPs,DC&CC lover,Emma Watson is my goddess!I love glee,harry potter,lea michele and Chloe Moretz!!!!!!♥♥♥♥☀
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"Okay, how’s this for chemistry?"

i love blaine’s continuing confusion/inability to cope with heterosexual pda

same. omg.

Blaine is like : “see Kurt !! I told you honey these straight couples just can’t hold back it’s soo gross. Can you please erase this memory later for me… with your mouth?”

I thought he was more like: “these heteros call that chemistry? Me and Kurt can make lethal bombs by combining our orgasms. They ain’t got nothing on us.”

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“You should never need a list to make you feel beautiful, and I always personally felt beautiful, but people were telling me ‘you can’t play the hot girl’ or ‘you can’t play the sexy girlfriend’. So when I see myself on these lists, I just hope that every single ex-boyfriend of mine is kicking himself in the ass right now.”



can we talk about the identical placement of yellow highlighters? Okay small detail to be hearteyes about but everything about them gives me fluffy feels here

Oh, well spotted! There are so many little synchronizations between them that really do speak to a lot of time spent together, not just in NY but their whole past together. And this kind of mirroring between people shows deep affection.

Another thing that struck me here is how, after their boundaries talk, they are choosing to spend this time together. I know Blaine hasn’t moved out, but they could just as easily be doing this study in different locations, even within the loft. But they are together here, sharing a companionable silence doing a balanced sort of activity. (That is, Blaine’s not doing things for Kurt to the detriment of himself, and Kurt’s not feeling stifled and trapped.) It’s nice to see how Kurt’s tension is relieved and Blaine’s insecurities are eased. Things right now are on a nice, even keel. <3